Why “Saturday” Sucks: A Deconstruction

Why does this exist?

Because Saturday is, objectively, a pile of crap, a heaping mound of neoliberal white supremacist propaganda penned by a neoliberal white supremacist author.

You mean that nice British chap responsible for Atonement? The one who won the Booker Prize?

…and I just called him a white supremacist. Deal.

Yep, one and the same. Maybe Atonement is better, I don’t know. This is my first—and probably last—foray into McEwan’s oeuvre; aggressive realism isn’t my thing. (“Well, what is your thing?” “Complexity. Sweet, sweet complexity.”)

The man’s still a better writer than you could ever hope to be.

Is that supposed to be a dissuasion?


Who are you trying to imitate in doing this, exactly?

Blame slacktivist, kippurbird, acrackedmoon, and unhaunting for the style, blame Richard Seymour and Ellis Sharp for the substance, and blame Ian McEwan for unleashing this abomination on the world.

The first post is being edited right now and will appear on Sunday.

Anything else you’d like to add?

If the page numbers are a touch off, it’s ‘cos I’m working off an older US edition I borrowed from the library. Just FYI.


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