30-Day Travel Challenge, Pt. 10

Day 28: The right gear can make or break your trip. What is your favorite/must-have gear item?

Apart from aforesaid iPod and camera, I cannot go anywhere without my passport. What can I say; I don’t have any other photo ID and sometimes I like to go outside the country.


Day 29: What does travel mean to you in one word?



Day 30: Where are you going in 2012?  Why is that place great for indie travelers?

I have no idea where I’ll be in 2012. All I know is I’ll be someplace. There are plans, absolutely—May for sure—but things won’t crystallize until February. I don’t even know what country I’m visiting yet. (But wherever it is, there will certainly be something that an indie traveller would appreciate.) [Funny how plans change. I still want to go someplace in May, albeit within the country, but the way things are looking what I want to do will be more economically viable in 2013.]

[And, lest we forget, I am moving. I don’t know precisely where yet (the grad school shuffle is funny like that), but I can say with confidence that by the end of this summer I will have unstuck myself from the Pennsyltucky backwoods. I’ll let y’all know the details in May.]


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I like going places.
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