30-Day Travel Challenge, Pt. 6

Day 16: Mental baggage can weigh us down as much as physical baggage when we travel. How do you travel lightly – either emotionally or physically?

I don’t, that’s how. But that doesn’t mean I’m not working on it.

[I still don’t. In fact, I’ve been traveling heavier lately. I am ashamed.]


Day 17: It’s easy to be passionate about travel, but does that passion permeate the rest of your life? Do you live and work with passion? Why or why not?

I think it depends on whether or not I enjoy what I’m doing, or if I think it’s worthwhile and important. If I do, then I’m going to throw myself into my work and just keep going until there are results. (You can’t say that all the anti-SOPA stuff up here [A friendly reminder of when I originally did this.] was posted dispassionately.)


Day 18: Every traveler has a budget; for some it just might be higher of lower than for others What’s your style? What do you spend very little on and what are you always willing to pay more for?

I’m very methodical about this. I have a set amount of money for the whole trip, which is then divvied up so I only spent this amount this day, that amount that day, &c. It’s enough to take into account things like impulse purchases, but not enough to splurge. For example:

  • I only spent around $150 during my ten days in Japan, most of which went toward transport. I only brought back about $40 worth of souvenirs to the States.
  • The last two times I was in New York I only had $20-$30 on me. That’s subway fare, lunch, and dinner, and if I wanted to buy something, something else had to go. [I’m slipping a bit. When I went up in January I had $40.]
  • Katsucons ‘10 and ‘11 set me back $110…$80 of which went to hotel and transport (I went through the college). I don’t understand all these people who go there and drop, like, $250 or $300 on all this stuff. [I dropped $50 on stuff at Katsucon ’12.]

I guess the moral of the story is I care more about going from Point A to Point B than about buying stuff at Point A, and if given the choice will invariably invest more in the former.


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