Where are you?

Okay, this puppy hasn’t seen a full-fledged post in like five, six months. Here’s why.

  • School! I graduate college in two weeks and I have a lot of crap to do, and when I’m done working on said crap I typically do not have the brainspace to work on a post here.
  • SOPA! I’ve been following the progress of some very scary Internet-destroying legislation through my country’s Congress, and I don’t feel like posting something I’ve worked so hard on up here if WordPress is gonna be DNS blocked in a month anyway, so I’m in a holding pattern until either the danger passes or it becomes clear that I will have to move everything to another site. Again.
  • Travel plans! I want to make sure there’s a steady stream of stuff rolling in here if and when I start it up again, and it just so happens I’m sitting on some extra vacation money, so I’m seeing if I can spend a week abroad late this spring. Thing is, these plans are in such an unadvanced state that I don’t even have any idea which country I’d go to yet. (I was originally thinking of going back to Sydney, but extortionate flight prices have regrettably conspired to keep us apart.) I expect things to fully crystallize around February.

But this doesn’t mean I’ve abandoned long-form travel writing completely. Over on Tumblr I’m doing a 30-day travel challenge (courtesy of BootsnAll and special thanks to  Kelsey “DriftingFocus” Freeman for pointing me to it) which has resulted in some of the least worst writing I’ve done so far. You can follow my progress here if you don’t mind going through it backward and dealing with some noise, and if WordPress is still around on New Year’s I’ll crosspost the whole thing right here so you can read it all at once in a way which I think is more convenient for just about everyone.

I think that’s everything. See you in a few months.


About theoditsek

I like going places.
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