Yet Another Strip Map



Inspiration. Thought about exploring this idea a little more. Maybe next time I’ll do something that’d actually appear on a platform.

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Transit Map To-Do List: Aug. 2014

For me.


  • Chicago L (include legend & commuter rail routes)


  • Seoul Metropolitan Subway
  • Nederlandse Spoorwegen
  • Rhine-Ruhr S-Bahn and NR-W Regional-Express & Regionalbahn
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Greater Tokyo Rail Map

This thing is huge.

This thing is huge. There are probably a hundred thousand mistakes.


As anyone who’s been there knows, Tokyo has the most byzantine railway network in the world. Thirteen subway lines, thirty-something JR lines, at least as many private commuter rail lines, and a half-ton of people movers, monorails, and streetcars, all connected in a maze of terminals and through services designed specifically to make the amateur cartographer’s head spin. This system is fundamentally unmappable.

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An Interesting Failure

Probably wishful thinking.

Probably wishful thinking.

This was an attempt to create a future map of the Washington Metro, and in some respects, an update to this juicy bit of speculative goodness. (You could prob’ly tell, what with the purple streetcar lines, the brown circle line, & the Blue Line to Nat’l Harbor.) Other stuff:

  • Airport Line is light green because Japan.
  • Wishful thinking: extensions to Centreville, Fort Belvoir, and Fort Meade.
  • Circle Line & express tracks in Arlington comes from WMATA’s long-term plan.
  • Streetcar lines in the District all come from DDOT’s 37-mile long-term plan.
  • Trains can terminate at Dulles Airport. I’m told there’s supposed to be a pocket track and yard just after that station.

I call this one an interesting failure for several reasons:

  • Had a lot of trouble fitting everything into the diamond delineated by DC, Arlington, and Alexandria. In case it wasn’t obvious. You’ll notice the south end of the diamond’s been hacked off completely.
  • Learned a lot about the limitations of this particular aesthetic, i.e. it’s great for simpler systems but not so great for really complex ones. Speaking of which…
  • Including the DC Streetcar was probably a mistake, considering this map is supposed to help me go from Point A to Point B on the Metro. I only threw it in because I had the Purple Line and the Columbia Pike Streetcar, and I felt obligated.

Just something to ruminate on, and maybe a jumping-off point for a later exploration.

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An Experiment

houston metroHere’s the METRORail long-term plan rendered in the style of the DC Metro map, because why not.

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New Map



Here’s a map of the Baltimore Metro, from some alternate universe where (a) they built the whole thing all at once instead of in fits & starts, and (b) the state of Maryland invested a bit more in the commuter rail system. Also featuring a full build-out of the Green and Red Lines, because a guy can dream.

I like to think there’s a certain superficial Rotterdam-esque quality about this one. Don’t know why.

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A Fictional Map for a Different Fictional City

Akzidenz Grotesk is best Swiss font.

Akzidenz Grotesk is best Swiss font.

Unofficial part of this. I always imagined New Auckland as kind of like Zurich, architecturally, so hopefully this map will do it some justice.

Tried something a little different with the connections box this time around, dunno if it works.

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